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UPDATED:  May 5, 2019  –  The Department of Defense Finance and Accounting Service established the DFAS myPay website in 2004 to allow military personnel and government civilian employees access to their payroll accounts and pay-related information.

Creating an online account helps users when it comes around time to prepare and file taxes. The online portal at, mypay.dfas.mil, provides access to tax forms, including W2, 1095 and 1095-C forms.

MyPay Login

You must request access from a Department of Defense servicing Finance or Military Pay Office to obtain your DFAS MyPay login.

Once requested, you will receive a letter containing your online account information.

For all subsequent access, users will be required to utilize their Common Access Card (CAC) for subsequent access.

Members may check the amount of their previous and next paychecks and print pay stubs for the last year. They can also make changes and update income tax withholding and print W2 forms.

Users may also use the online portal to manage contributions to the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP).

Features Available at mypay.dfas.mil

The My Pay website offers a safe and secure location to handle payroll issues.

Authorized personnel may also make changes to payment information, as well as print documents for proof of income and income tax purposes.

The website eliminates the need to schedule an appointment with the local civilian or military pay office or wait in line at the unit finance office to receive tax help on basic pay issues. Other VA Benefits include:

  • Print Tax preparation documents
  • Print earnings statements and leave statements
  • Change payroll tax withholdings
  • Change Personal info such as address
  • Buy Savings Bonds
  • Manage Thrift Savings Plan
  • View Paychecks
  • Print Pay Stubs for up to a year
  • Stop Savings Deposit Program (SDP) allotment

Note: IRS Tax preparation documents are available year round and are IRS approved. DFAS My Pay users can gain early access to begin their tax return early.

Over the last 16 years, the online portal has evolved and now offers users the ability to handle a wide variety of pay-related transactions from anywhere in the world. This website is secure and convenient and gives users instant access to pay related information.

Recent Security Issues with MyPay DFAS

Military and Defense Department officials have continually cautioned users that there is no authorized My Pay phone app at this time.

No plans are in the works to create such an app, due to the sensitive nature of the information contained within and the lack of ability to properly secure IRS tax information on a mobile app.

Users are also cautioned always to type in the exact web address for mypay.dfas.mil, as several spoof sites have popped up throughout the years.

These sites are responsible for stolen identity and several related identity theft issues. Users that have any questions about MyPay DFAS security issues should see their Unit Finance Office, or contact their Unit Security Manager for more information about how to safeguard personal and financial information when government websites.

MyPay Login Issues

If you forgot your password or login, please see Reset Your Password 

Phone Number & Contact Information


Department of Defense
Dept. 3300 ATTN: Customer Care Center
8899 East 56th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46249-3300

NOTE: We are not affiliated with this company and you should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is of a personal nature. We are merely a resource that provides information.

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