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UPDATED:  April 3, 2021 – eBenefits is an online portal to manage my VA benefits, provided by Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense.

Service members can apply for veteran’s education financial assistance (VA GI Bill), access employment information, view VA Home Loan requirements, and more via the VA login portal.

Having trouble with your eBenefits Login?

The VA login portal provides access to military assistance, including; VA home loan certificate of eligibility and the GI Bill.

Read below to learn more about common eBenefits login issues and how to resolve them.

In addition, participants can make an online payment, access my VA benefits history, check retirement pension and compensation status. To access, follow the instructions below…

  • Go to the homepage at
  • Click on the “Login” button on the top right corner
  • Use with either your:
    • Common Access Card (CAC)
    • Department of Defense Self-Service (DS Logon)
  • Enter your ebenefits login username and password

Check the Status of My VA Benefits

Some of the most noteworthy eBenefits features include; access to check your claims status, payment history, home loan VA benefits and copies of official military personnel file.

Other notable my VA Benefits include the capacity to purchase health insurance, Veteran specific bank accounts that offer VA loan benefits and compensation.

check-claims-status-online Update

Open enrollment for health insurance starts in November.

As a result, Veterans can purchase healthcare from health insurance companies to supplement the standard level of assistance.

While it is important to keep your CHAMPVA coverage.  Even more important to keep in mind, you must enroll in both Medicare Part B and Medicare Part A.

Online Account Types from Veterans Affairs

One can get an online account immediately by applying online without verification of identity.

Veterans Affairs will automatically offer a Basic DS. Those with basic access can upgrade to Premium when after physically visiting a TRICARE Service Center or Veterans Affairs Regional Office.


Veterans will have to verify their identity to receive a Premium DS Logon username and password.

To learn more about how to upgrade to a Premium account, read more on the Veterans Administration website or simply visit your eBenefits account.

In addition to verifying your identity through either the DS Logon, DoD CAC, DFAS MyPay self-authentication tools.  You can also verify your identity in person at your local VA Regional Office.

Features of your VA Portal – Login

This web portal offers a private workplace named “My Dashboard” by which you can get quick access to MyeBenefits tools.

The tools help to complete various tasks such as:

  • updating your personal information
  • applying for government assistance
  • downloading your DD 214
  • monitoring claims & viewing your claim status
  • managing your VA health insurance

Therefore, you will get this workplace after creating an online profile with your eBenefits login.

In addition, also offers a list of links to other sites that give information about Veteran and VA benefits such as VONAPP.

Contact Customer Service

There are regional offices for each geographical location to handle walk-in business and written correspondence.


Experiencing trouble with your eBenfits Login?

If you forgot your password or username, please see Reset Your Password 

NOTE: We are not affiliated with eBenefits or the Department of Veterans Affairs, and you should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is of a personal nature. We are merely a resource that provides information. 

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    2. While in the reserves I received an achievement medal, I misplaced the medal and I am wondering would it be on my DD214

    1. I have the OTICON hearing aids, there are two sizes in the wax guards, I have plenty of the mini size, need a supply of the larger (grey) style. Thank you

  1. I would like to clear my VA Certification for a home loan. I purchased a home through VA in 1995. I have the “Proof of Sale of Property”. What do I need to do next?

    1. absolutely nothing. When the property was paid off, the title company advised the VA that your VA loan has been paid.

  2. I remarried a few years ago and never changed my VA status. How do I get my wife enrolled for Survivor Benefit Plan (SBF) coverage? Thank You

  3. I filed out a disability claim but was told that I had to re-apply. What is my next step?

    Thank you

  4. Hi, I am looking for result of my VA disability status I would like to make appeal or refile again for examination to get result of my finding since September 2005. I am looking to complete this examine at the earliest opportunity. I have try several times and getting no result.


  6. How can I connect my pcp @ the VA with my pcp outside the VA so my prescription meds will be paid for by the VA?

  7. I would like to check on my recent claim submitted on November 19, 2018 for my hearing aid that i have had for 20 years that VA did not give me and stated previously several years ago that a test conducted by a hearing test stated i have no hearing loss in my left ear just a ringing in my left ear. when i was tested in 1998 by a doctor stating i do have a total hearing loss in that ear and had to get a hearing aid.

  8. I can get into the portal but am unable to add dependents. It shows an error, have been trying for several weeks now.

  9. i AM A VETERAN, and was collecting my pension along with my wife. She passed away in March of 2018 and they still have not taken her allotment off my income.. it seems impossible to talk to anyone for help. I will have to repay for all that time and would like it settled.

  10. I would like a 2019 VA letter stating my disabilities rating and the compensations that I receive. In particular, the one stating that I pay no monthly taxes on the home that I buy.

  11. I received a letter from the DAV telling me about my Claim Approval but nothing from the VA.
    This has been since January 23, 2019

  12. I don’t understand why my reimbursement from college is currently reached 15 months and I am still waiting…plus from my understanding, it’s not even the full amount. Why, especially since I was told there was a trace put on payment

  13. I would like to know what or who I need to change my disability check direct deposit to my primary bank account.

  14. I received a letter from the VA claiming that the VA does not have sufficient information about me on file. VA is claiming that Jesse Brown VA Medical facility in Chicago does not have the info needed to file my claim. Prior to being affiliated with Jesse Brown VA I had all of my information on file with the Hines VA hospital in Hines Illinois. So whatever information that is needed for my FDC you should be able to find it their.

    Thank You

  15. I don’t know if i am in the correct section. i have Vision long term insurance and paying allotment. don’t remember the carrier name that i selected that was in network.

  16. I am eligible for champus VA. Are hearing aids authorized? What number do I call the Jacksonville VA? I am the spouse of a 100% disabled veteran .

  17. Sent in my hearing aids for repair or replacement. Am wondering if that dept is closed down or what is status on my hearing aids.

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