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The EppiCard and the Way2Go card were created as an alternative way to receive federal benefit money on a debit card instead of Direct Deposit or a paper check.

This can be a help if you’ve ever had your federal benefits check lost, stolen or delayed in the mail. The Way2go Debit Mastercard is a great option for individuals without access to a bank account.

To access your official login, have your user name and password ready.

What are the benefits of the Conduent Card?

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The are many benefits to using debit.

If MasterCard is accepted, then you are free to use it. This includes buying food at all grocery stores, retail stores, restaurants, medical offices, etc.

The card can even be used to pay monthly expenses like internet, phone and electric bills.

Way2go allows members to get cash from any Debit MasterCard branded ATM, or over the counter at any bank or credit union, that accepts MasterCard. Many merchants, such as grocery stores, offer cash back benefits with purchase at no additional charge.

The Conduent Way2Go card is not a credit card, and you never have to pay interest charges. Customer service will replace your card if it is lost or stolen.

You will receive free online monthly statements via your Way2go account. Conduent allows for easy tracking of your account balance activity

The Go Program is also used for tax refunds on electronic purchases, workers’ compensation, payroll services and unemployment benefits in some states. For those seeking government benefits that do not have a bank account, it is an incredibly valuable tool that offers safe access to their federal funds.

Way2go is not the only unemployment debit card. Other states issue cards from other companies. Check to see if your state issues the UsBank Reliacard.

Way2go Login – View Balance Check Payments

Goprogram.com was created to track your online Way2Go Debit Mastercard account and to account details including payment history.

Visit www.goprogram.com to start your enrollment form and view all your Way2Go Card transactions.  This payment card can be used anywhere a typical credit card or debit card can. Enter the goprogram login credential and click.

See more Way2go login instructions below if you have forgotten your user ID.

Enter the way2go login website here. Click on ‘Build User ID.’ Be sure to have your account number on hand, during the registration process you may need to enter your account number and CVV.

After you have set up your prepaid debit card account, you can check your card balance and make adjustments to your account and it is even simpler to get the phone app.

All you need is to download the Way2go mobile app from the app store to your mobile device. Monitoring your prepaid debit card balance on the go is easy and free.

The Way2Go prepaid debit Card

Way2go includes federal financial assistance (401k plans and IRA accounts) for Social Security Disabilities, Supplementary Security Income (SSI), Military Pension & Veteran Compensation, and Civilian Retirement Funds.

When making transactions, withdrawing cash from ATM machines, and bank transfers, the EppiCard may also be used to get cashback. This freedom makes it possible for members to be in charge of their federal benefits and use the GoProgram to its fullest potential.

The Way2go Mastercard eliminates expensive check cash fees or trips to the bank and gives easy access to card balances.

Zero Liability – A Program offered My Mastercard makes sure your card is replaced if its lost or stolen.

Easy to get – there is no cost to enroll in GoProgram, no credit checks* and no bank accounts required

How do I login or sign up on the Official Login Page?

To sign up for a Conduent Way2Go MasterCard one needs to complete the Payment Authorization Form at the local DSS office while you are applying for child support.

How soon will I receive my payments on the Card?

Once Way2go gets your completed Payment Authorization Form the department will process your enrollment and the Comerica Bank service department will issue you a Way2Go card. Your card will arrive in the mail 7-10 business days after your enrollment.

For security reasons, Go Program will arrive in a blank white, envelope. You must activate your card to receive your payments.

Help – Can I transfer Way2go money from card to bank account?

Yes, You can transfer money from your Way2go card to your bank account. The bank account does have to be located in the US.

How do I login or activate Way2go?

To activate your goprogram card simply call customer service 1888-929-2469. This department is happy to help. If you prefer, you can always activate the debit card through the www.goprogram.com website.

Why did I receive a Way2Go card?

If you did not directly request a Go program card it is possible that you previously had an EPPICard. These EPPICards are getting phased out and are being replaced with Way2Go electronic payment card.

Having problems with your Way2go? Issues with method of payment or direct deposit authorization Service?

If you have forgotten your user ID or having issues with your login page, click Forgot User ID and follow the prompts for help or contact customer service at 1-888-929-2460


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We are not associated with GoProgram.com or Way2Go Card or Conduent Corporation, DO NOT contact us. We are merely an online resource to help those looking for information.

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