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UPDATED – April 3, 2021:  Navy e-learning is now Navy Knowledge Online, access NKO Navy Mil and sign-up for your online classes now! The website has an abundance of material available to military professionals.

Features of NKO Online Account

By providing an extensive database of courses and instructional videos, NKO Navy Mil makes it easier for sailors to achieve their educational dreams.
  • BOL and NKO offer more than 3,900 online courses.
  • Employees have access to an array of material by just using their login credentials.
  • Sailors can take online college courses for a variety of fields including, Business, IT, and general software development.
  • There are also 305 foreign language classes that help sailors broaden their horizon into different cultures.
  • Military professionals can pursue higher heights in the service through one of these online profiles
One significant benefit associated with this website is the knowledge that one has the potential to attain. The sailors have all the information they need take control of their education. Military professionals are not bound to commit additional time to the Navy in exchange for an education. You can learn the essentials of business management during your service time and transfer what you have learned to civilian life.

BOL Navy Knowledge Online Course Instructions

You need proper credentials to log into the online portal. While it is possible to browse the general site, you will need to identify yourself before taking any online courses. Visiting this website is the first step in advancing your academic career. You will need the latest version of Internet Explorer and good Internet connection to access all material offered through the site. It is possible to access a portion of the website as a guest so long as you obtain sponsorship with an NKO Community Administrator. Marine Corps and Coast Guards on active duty may also access Navy Knowledge Online.

General Company History

The Online Portal was created to give active service members the opportunity to advance their careers through education. The United States Armed Forces work tirelessly to give its active duty and Reserve members equal chance of employment and promotion after their time in the military has come to an end. The e-learning portal is a great way for individuals to have access to quality education. Students can study and tune into courses on their own time and finish programs at their pace.

Company Contact Information

Clicking on the “Contact” tab on the homepage of the website is the best way to contact site administrators who can help.

Having trouble with your Navy E-Learning Login or Password?

If you forgot your login, please see Username Recovery If you forgot your password, please see Reset Your Password Note: We are not an affiliate with this company and you should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is of a personal nature. We are merely a resource that provides information.

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    1. Hi Cory – You can get your account set up by visiting eBenefits.va.gov and clicking on the Register link in the top right corner of the page.

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