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The Florida Way2Go card is more than just a Florida Unemployment Debit Card.

The program helps people get the most out of their welfare benefits by providing a website that helps to match eligible Medicaid, SNAP, and Social Security Benefits.

If you already have an account, you can access the Way2Go Login

How to Access the Official Way2Go Login Florida:

  1. Download the app in the App Store, Google Play.
  2. Register for your Way2Go debit Card account.
  3. Link your existing Florida social security number to your card account through the mobile app. Otherwise, you can create a new account online by clicking on “change my address and card information” and filling in a few fields. 
  4. In the app, click on Replenish Account and then choose Way2Go Florida.
  5. Then tap to check your eligibility. Make sure you have the online login.
  6. Open your app and click on “Way2Go Florida.” You will be directed to the webpage for the Florida Way2Go Card website. 
  7. On that site, you will need to enter your name, date of birth, etc. 
  8. When prompted, enter your Florida Way2Go Debit Mastercard number and PIN from the back of your card.

Florida Unemployment Benefits  

Florida department of economic opportunity runs the website floridajobs.org . Florida workforce development is a state agency that is responsible for coordinating Florida reemployment card services for Florida’s unemployed workers and individuals with disabilities.

Florida reemployment assistance (referred to as Florida unemployment benefits) can be applied for online or by telephone. The available number of unemployment benefits depends on the applicant’s situation, the amount of their weekly wages before they were unemployed, their age, and whether or not they have dependents.

Applicants may get information on job openings, look for jobs, and register for services. They may also learn more about the Florida unemployment card

Florida Unemployment benefits can be disbursed in two different ways, depending on one’s status. For unemployed individuals with limited resources, the Florida Reemployment assistance card can give you faster access to your weekly payments.

Florida Reemployment assistance claims can be started online, but the unemployment benefits should be released through a Florida EBT card.

Features of using the FL Way2Go Card

  1. With a Login Credential, you can have access to Florida residents who are enrolled in these programs or who qualify for them. 
  2. Show you the benefits you are entitled to, your card account balance and how much you can get to help you budget the money. 
  3. Provide a way of making sure that your benefits stay on your record. You can add and remove your name from the card at any time, but it is important that you keep it up to date.

Where can I withdraw money with the Way2Go Card?

You can withdraw money from an ATM and direct deposit your benefits into the card. 

Important: The Florida Prepaid Debit Mastercard can only be used to deposit benefits from Medicaid, SNAP, Social Security, or TANF. When you use the card for withdrawals, it will pull money from the first account that has money in it.

This could be a personal checking account, but it could also be your housing assistance housing subsidy or security deposit funds.

What ATMs can I use my FL Way2Go Card?

The Way2Go card can be swiped at ATMs with the Visa network.

Way to Go Florida card Transaction fees at ATMs 

There is no fee for most ATM withdrawals at a network member ATM. However, there may be other fees associated with using a non-network ATM.

These additional fees are determined by the owner of the ATM machine and can be found on the fee schedule of any network member ATMs. Please make sure you have enough money in your Way2Go account to cover these fees.

If you need more information about ATM usage or incurring additional fees, visit the following website: https://www.

How much money can I withdraw from Florida Debit Master Card?

  • $500 Transaction for ATM per day.
  • Transfer from one account to another with a limit of $1,000 per day.

Department of economic opportunity Direct deposit of benefits directly into the card that is linked to the account. Withdrawals cannot be made from an ATM that does not have a chip installed in it.

Way2Go Bank Teller Withdrawal: Way2Go select bank teller withdrawal can be used to withdraw cash and direct deposit benefits. The Florida Debit Mastercard is linked to a bank account that is controlled by the user.

For more information about the Florida Way2Go prepaid debit card or if you have questions regarding eligibility, ask your local social services agency, your county government office or call toll-free 1-855-FL-WAY2GO. 

Transactions fees For Florida Way2Go Debit Card: 

  • If you have any questions about the fees associated with using the Way2Go prepaid debit card, call the Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) customer service number to speak with a representative: 1-877-377-1700. 
  • ATM transactions must be completed immediately. You cannot take back or cancel atm transactions after you have completed them by inserting your card and entering your pin number.

Way2Go Card Florida fee per transaction:

The only fee for using the Florida way to go card is what you pay for using an ATM that does not accept network cards. Use of the card at a non-network ATM will result in a $1.50 flat screen.

If you use your Way2Go Debit card at another bank’s ATM that is not on the network, there may be a fee charged by that bank that will appear as a separate transaction on your statement.

How do I unlock my Way2Go card in Florida? 

In order to unlock a Way2Go card Florida there are a number of steps that must be taken.

The first step is to go online to www.goprogram.com and fill out the required information, which includes things like name, location, income, and social security number.

Once this is complete, a user must answer 3 multiple choice questions about health care safety net programs in order to unlock the Florida card.

How to Replace your lost or stolen FL Way2Go Card?

If you lose Way2Go debit card, you can request a replacement one. This is done by calling the FL DEO way2go customer service number at 1-800-308-4422.

Expedited FL Way2Go Card Replacement

If you need to get a replacement Florida way2go card quickly, you can request an expedited replacement in 3-5 days.

To do this, call the FL DEO way2go customer service number at 1-800-308-4422. 

Way2Go Florida Customer Service:

Call 1-888-Way2Go0 (888-929-2460)
24 hours a day / 7 days a week

International Calls: 866-569-4494
TTY: 1-877-906-0085

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